What is horseback riding? What kind of sport is it?

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To put it in its simplest form, horse riding is a sport based on horse riding, we all know that. It is also a natural sport, although it is not possible to survive in nature and spend time with nature as much as other branches. So what has been the equestrian history since? What did it mean for humanity? Let us explain in general terms: Riding; It is a nature sport based on horseback riding in different styles according to the geography and need and being the most successful according to the rules of the competition according to the model.

Therefore; As in many other branches, it is an endeavor that has served humanity in many fields, dating back to very ancient times in history. In the history, we see the first examples of domestication of horses and using them for riding purposes in the Old Turks. As mentioned earlier in the sport of skiing, this method was developed by both the Old Turks and the hunter-gatherer people living in the vicinity; The road to modern equestrianism has begun.

In other words, the more creator of a nature sport together with skiing is the Old Turks and again existed because of the needs of humanity such as hunting and feeding. After that, the use of horses has spread to a wide area and has spread to many sectors such as hunting, transportation, military and production. What made it more popular was the use of it in the armies and the emergence of a cavalry, as you can easily imagine.

During this period when horse and horseback riding were the basic elements of life, Turks and similar nomadic nations became highly skilled in horse riding; as a return to this life, they also organized events such as races and javelin games for entertainment purposes. However, due to the importance of agriculture in the whole world, the importance of horseback riding was limited to the military field. This ended with the modernization of the armies; equestrianism has become a special area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and competition.

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